SoundForm Series

SoundForms are conceived as a visual representation of forces in movement; happenings like the dynamics of a wave length, or the irregular, spasmodic line of a seismic graph or cardiogram of an event. They are a type of visual or concrete poetry. Studies where the representation of "sounds" convey an intended meaning or effect. The paramount concern is with making an object to be perceived or felt, rather than easily read.
The influence is the concepts behind the works of the 20thC Concrete Poetry movement - following on from elements of Eisenstein, Futurism and Dadaism – which allow for eliminating the requirements of a formal rhythmical unit, eliminating metrical patterns which are historical poetic modes, and incorporating visual as well as aural forms, both intangible.

“…when we represent objects, we……reveal the rhythm of forces latent within them.”
Naum Gabo; The Realistic Manifesto